Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thomas P.M. Barnett talks about U.S. Global Strategy in Washington, D.C. (2015, published January 2016)

Mine is book blog. However, I am departing from my normal post to suggest you listen and watch Thomas P.M. Barnett go through his presentation on U.S. global strategy and security. These talks were given in 2015 to an international military audience in Washington, D.C., and published on youTube in January 2016. Barnett has written several books, which he advertises in these links. I found Barnett's speech when researching Perry Anderson, the author of U.S. Foreign Policy and Its Thinkers, my last post. Enjoy this set of 9 short videos.

Part 1 Intro

Part 2 America's Growing Energy Self-Sufficiency

Part 3 Climate Change

Part 4 Demographics

Part 5 Millenials Power

Part 6 Military

Part 7 Dangers Ahead

Part 8 The Middle East

Part 9 Questions

You can buy this book here: Shop Indie Bookstores

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