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I read everything...I can get my hands on. But here I review mostly only the things I like, unless something makes me think so much that I can't help but comment. Therefore, rest assured that the things you see reviewed here are mostly the "good stuff"--some of it, of course, better than others. The very best books I read each year I point to on a separate page called Best of.... These chosen few are truly engrossing, engaging, and worthwhile. Some even aspire to "modern classic" status.

I like fiction and nonfiction almost equally. Sometimes I find many good titles of fiction in a row, and then crave nonfiction. If you like one or the other and are following my posts, know that the pendulum will swing back one day. Of fiction, I tend towards international fiction and mysteries rather than science fiction or romance. Of nonfiction, I tend to read current and international affairs, science, neuroscience, psychology, biography, history, animals & nature, cooking, and crafts.

Once I was a bookseller and received many ARCs (advanced reader copies) but now my ARCs come mostly as egalleys from generous publishers through Netgalley. I am not required to praise any title, but I usually try not to smash the aspirations of authors/publishers. I do, however, note that the most comments on many people's blogs, mine included, occur when a work is criticized rather than praised. I endeavor to provide enough critical analysis that readers, authors, and publishers know what is good and what is not particularly successful. All my point of view, of course.

For those of you who would like to see everything I read, including books I reviewed but didn't like much, my reading list since 2009 can be found here: Trish's book recommendations, favorite quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf) These shelves have star ratings.

I am a voting member of the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC).

I would love to hear from readers or publishers that would like to chat about my list or make suggestions for my list. Please feel free to comment here or send me a note and tell me a little about yourselves here: email Trish@TheBowedBookshelf


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