Author/Title List


Abani, Chris Becoming Abigail, Hands Washing Water, Sanctificum, There Are No Names for Red, The Face: Cartography of the Void
Abramson, Jill Strange Justice
Addario, Lynsey It's What I Do
Adelstein, Jake Tokyo Vice
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi We Should All Be Feminists
Ahmed, Akbar The Thistle and the Drone
Ahmed, Salman Rock & Roll Jihad
Albergotti, Reed & Vanessa O'Connell Wheelmen
Alexander, Caroline The War That Killed Achilles
Alexander, Elizabeth The Light of the World
Alexie, Sherman You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Alexievich, Svetlana Secondhand Time
Allison, Graham Destined for War
Ambridge, Ben Psy-Q
Andersen, Kurt, & Alec Baldwin You Can't Spell America Without Me
Anderson, Carol White Rage
Anderson, Perry American Foreign Policy and Its Thinkers
Anderson, Scott Lawrence in Arabia
Andrews, Bryce Badluck Way
Annan, Kofi Interventions
Anthony, Lawrence The Elephant Whisperer
Arendt, Hannah Responsibility and Judgment, Eichmann in Jerusalem
Auster, Paul & J.M. Coetzee Here and Now: Letters
Aydin, Andrew & Nate Powell, John Lewis March (Books 1,2&3)


Babel, Isaac The Complete Works of Isaac Babel
Bakewell, Sarah The Life of Montaigne, At the Existentialist Cafe
Bailey, Issac J. My Brother Moochie
Baldwin, Alec & Kurt Anderson You Can't Spell America Without Me
Baldwin, James The Fire Next Time
Ball, Philip Patterns in Nature
Barber, Dan The Third Plate
Barrett, Paul M. Law of the Jungle
Basford, Johanna Lost Ocean
Bays, Jan Chozen How to Train a Wild Elephant
Beahm, Geroge Steve Jobs' Life by Design
Beard, Mary Women & Power
Beebe, Shannon The Ultimate Weapon is No Weapon
Bender, Sue Plain and Simple
Bennis, Phyllis Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, Understanding ISIS and the New Global War on Terror
Beranbaum, Rose Levy The Bread Bible
Berg, Robert "Iceberg Slim" Pimp
Bergen, Peter United States of Jihad
Berger, J.M. & Jessica Stern Isis: The State of Terror
Berns, Gregory What's It Like to Be A Dog?
Betancourt, Ingrid Even Silence has an End
Bharara, Preet Doing Justice
Bilton, Nick I Live in the Future
Bin Laden, Najwa & Omar Growing up Bin Laden
Bird, Kai The Good Spy
Birmingham, Kevin The Most Dangerous Book: The Battle for James Joyce's Ulysses
Bishop, Elizabeth Bishop: Poems, Prose, and Letters
Boo, Katherine Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Borger, Julian The Butcher's Trail
Boyle, Gregory Tattoos on the Heart, Barking To The Choir
Bozzo, Donna What the Fun?!
Briscoe, Connie Japanese Quilt Blocks
Brooks, Arthur C. The Conservative Heart
Brooks, David The Social Animal, The Road to Character
Browder, Bill Red Notice
Brown, Daniel James The Boys in the Boat
Brown, Kerry CEO, China
Brzezinski, Zbigniew & Brent Scowcroft America and the World
Brzezinski, Zbigniew Second Chance (2009) and Strategic Vision (2012)
Burke, Jason The New Threat
Butcher, Tim Blood River


Cantú, Francisco The Line Becomes a River
Carlton, Alissa Haight Block Party
Carson, Anne If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho
Carter, Jimmy We Can Have Peace in the Middle East
Casey, Susan The Wave
Caspersen, Dana Changing the Conversation
Castro, Julián An Unlikely Journey
Cavallo, Francesca & Elena Favilli Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Chabon, Michael & Ayelet Waldman Kingdom of Olive & Ash
Chast, Roz Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?
Chattam, Maxime Cairo Diary
Chekhov, Anton The Prank: The Best of Young Chekhov, The Complete Plays
Chernow, Ron Grant
Ciezadlo, Annia Day of Honey
Clapper, James & Trey Brown Facts & Fears
Clinton, Hillary Rodham Hard Choices
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Between the World and Me, We Were Eight Years In Power
Coetzee, J.M. Late Essays
Coetzee, J.M. & Paul Auster Here and Now: Letters
Cockburn, Patrick The Jihadis Return
Cole, Teju Known and Strange Things, Blind Spot
Connors, Philip Fire Season
Corrigan, Kelly Tell Me More
Cramer, Katherine J. The Politics of Resentment
Crawford, Alan & Tony Czuczka Angela Merkel: A Chancellorship Forged in Crisis
Crews, Terry Manhood: How to Be a Better Man
Crispin, Jessa Why I Am Not A Feminist
Croke, Vicki Constantine Elephant Company
Cusk, Rachel A Life's Work: On Becoming a Mother, The Last Supper: A Summer in Italy, Aftermath: On Marriage & Separation
Cunningham, Valerie & Mark J. Sammons Black Portsmouth


Dalai Lama An Appeal to the World
Dawkins, Richard The God Delusion
Daley, David Ratf**cked
Delijani, Sahar Children of the Jacaranda Tree
Delisle, Guy Jerusalem, Hostage, Burma Chronicles, Pyongyang
Desmond, Matthew Evicted
deStephano,Christina Oriana Fallaci
DiAngelo, Robin White Fragility
Didion, Joan South And West
Doughty, Caitlin Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Downey, Kristin The Warrior Queen
Dreyer, Benjamin Dreyer's English
Duguid, Naomi Burma
Dunbar, Erica Armstrong Never Caught
Dunham, Lena Not That Kind of Girl, Is It Evil Not To Be Sure?
Duron, Lori Raising My Rainbow
Dyson, Michael Eric Tears We Cannot Stop


Ebadi, Shirin Until We Are Free
Edgerton, Clyde Pappadaddy's Book for New Fathers
Eddo-Lodge, Reni Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People
Egan, Dan The Death & Life of the Great Lakes
Eisinger, Jesse The Chickenshit Club
Enia, Davide Notes on a Shipwreck
Epstein, Jason Book Business
Everett, Percival & Chris Abani There Are No Names for Red


Farrow, Ronan War On Peace
Favilli, Andrea & Francesca Cavallo Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Fawcett, Bill 101 Stumbles in the March of History
Fermor, Patrick Leigh A Time of Gifts
Ferry, David Bewilderment
Fischer, Paul A Kim Jong-Il Production, Interview with Paul Fischer
Fleming, Melissa A Hope More Powerful Than The Sea
Flores, Dan Coyote America
Folman, Ari & David Polonsky Waltz With Bashir
Fostaty, Gerry As You Were
Franken, Al Al Franken, Giant of the Senate
Frazier, Ian Travels in Siberia


Garner, Helen Everywhere I Look
Gates, Robert M. Duty
Gawande, Atul Being Mortal
Gay, Roxane Bad Feminist
Geithner, Timothy Stress Test
Gentry, Ann Vegan Family Meals
Gierach, John Sex, Death, and Fly-Fishing
Gifford, Justin Street Poison
Giroux, Robert & Lloyd Schwartz Bishop: Poems, Prose & Letters
Goldstein, Amy Janesville
Gomez, Jeff Print is Dead
Goodman, Mathhew Eighty Days
Gopal, Anand No Good Men Among the Living
Gordon, Robert J. The Rise & Fall of American Growth
Grann, David The Lost City of Z, Killers of the Flower Moon
Greenwald, Glenn No Place to Hide
Griswold, Eliza The Tenth Parallel, I Am the Beggar of the World, Amity and Prosperity
Grossman, David The Yellow Wind
Guibert, Emmanuel The Photographer
Gup, Ted A Secret Gift


Habila, Helon The Chibok Girls
Haidt, Jonathan The Righteous Mind
Hamid, Mohsin Discontent and Its Civilizations
Harden, Blaine Escape from Camp 14
Harding, Luke The Snowden Files
Harris, Kamala The Truths We Hold
Harris, Sam Ham
Hawke, Ethan Rules for a Knight
Hedges, Chris & Joe Sacco Days of Destruction Days of Revolt
Hens, Gregor Nicotine
Hill, Anita Speaking Truth to Power
Hirschhorn, Sara Yael City On A Hilltop
Hochschild, Arlie Russell Strangers In Their Own Land
Hochschild, Adam King Leopold's Ghost
Hoffman, Adina Sacred Trash, My Happiness Bears No Relation to Happiness
Homer Iliad, Odyssey
Hyland, Adrian Kinglake-350


Idliby, Ranya Burqas, Baseball & Apple Pie
Irby, Samantha We Are Never Meeting In Real Life
Irving, Debby Waking Up White
Isaacson, Walter Steve Jobs
Iyengar, Sheena The Art of Choosing


Jerkins, Morgan This Will Be My Undoing
Johnson, Chalmers Dismantling the Empire
Johnston, David Cay The Making of Donald Trump


Kalanithi, Paul When Breath Becomes Air
Kaldor, Mary The Ultimate Weapon is No Weapon
Karr, Andy The Practice of Contemplative Photography
Kasich, John Two Paths
Katz, Jesse The Opposite Field
Katzen, Molly The Heart of the Plate
Kaufman, Dan The Fall of Wisconsin
Keefe, Patrick Radden Snakehead
Kendi, Ibram X. Stamped from the Beginning
Kidder, Tracy Strength in What Remains
Kilcullen, David Accidental Guerilla
Kilmer-Purcell, Josh Bucolic Plague
Kincaid, Jamaica See Now Then
Kirn, Walter Blood Will Out
Kim, Suki Without You There is No Us
Kissinger, Henry World Order, Does America Need a Foreign Policy?
Klein, Naomi This Changes Everything
Kolbert, Elizabeth The Sixth Extinction
Kolhathar, Sheelah Black Edge
Kornelius, Stefan Angela Merkel: The Authorized Biography
Kuo, Michelle Reading with Patrick
Kurlansky, Mark Milk: The 10,000-Year Food Fracas


LaGrange, Zelda Good Morning, Mr. Mandela
Lakoff, George Don't Think Of An Elephant
Laing, Olivia The Lonely City
Lanier, Jaron You Are Not A Gadget, Who Own's the Future?, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts, Dawn of the New Everything
Leader, Nathaniel Simply Great Breads
Le Carré, John The Pigeon Tunnel
Lee, Hyeonseo The Girl With Seven Names
Lefèvre, Didier The Photographer
Lehrer, Jonah Imagine, How We Decide
Lejnieks, Kristen Block Party
Lemercier, Fréderic The Photographer
Leon, Donna Brunetti's Cookbook
Leovy, Jill Ghettoside
Lepore, Jill Book of Ages, The Secret History of Wonder Woman
Levitin, Daniel J. A Field Guide to Lies
Levy, Ariel The Rules Do Not Apply
Levy, Deborah The Cost of Living: A Working Autobiography
Lewis, John March (Books 1,2,&3)
Lewis, Michael Boomerang, The Big Short, Flash Boys, The Undoing Project
Liew, Sonny The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye
Lim, Louisa People's Republic of Amnesia
Lister, Charles R. The Islamic State, The Syrian Jihad
Llosa, Mario Vargas Dream of the Celt
Lister, Charles The Islamic State, The Syrian Jihad

Logue, Christopher & Homer War Music
Lowery, Wesley "They Can't Kill Us All"
Lucarelli, Leonardo Mincemeat


MacDonald, Helen H is for Hawk
MacIntyre, Ben A Spy Among Friends
MacLean, Nancy Democracy in Chains
Magnusson, Margareta The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning
Magny, Olivier WTF? What the French
Malcolm, Janet Forty-One False Starts
Markopolos, Harry No One Would Listen
Marley, Patrick & Jason Stein More Than They Bargained For
Martin, Jacqueline Briggs Creekfinding
Martin, Jacob D. What's So Funny About Faith?
Mather, Jennifer A., Roland C. Anderson, James B. Wood Octopus:The Ocean's Intelligent Invertebrate
Matz, Joshua & Laurence H. Tribe To End a Presidency
Mayer, Jane Dark Money, Strange Justice
McBride, James Kill 'Em & Leave, The Color of Water
McCraw, David E. Truth in Our Times
McDonell, Nick The End of Major Combat Operations
McDougall, Christopher Born to Run
McGregor, Richard Asia's Reckoning
Mead, Rebecca My Life in Middlemarch
Meyers, Stephen Lee The New Tsar
Mezrich, Ben Accidental Billionaires, Woolly
Mills, Marja The Mockingbird Next Door
Mishra, Pankaj From the Ruins of Empire
Montefiore, Simon Sebag Titans of History
Morozov, Evgeny Net Delusion
Mortimer, Ian The Time Traveler's Guide to Elizabethan England
Mosher, Howard Frank The Great Northern Express
Moskowitz, Isa Chandra Isa Does It


Noah, Trevor Born a Crime
Noble, Safiya Umoja Algorithms of Oppression
Norris, Mary Between You & Me


Obama, Michelle Becoming
O'Brien, Timothy L. TrumpNation
O'Connell, Vanessa & Reed Albergotti Wheelmen
O'Hagan, Andrew The Secret Life
Oliver, Mary Felicity
Oluo, Ijeoma So You Want To Talk About Race
O'Neil, Cathy Weapons of Math Destruction
Orlean, Susan Rin Tin Tin
Orthofer, M.A. The Complete Guide to Contemporary World Fiction
Oshinsky, Michael Bellevue
Osnos, Evan Age of Ambition
Oswald, Alice Falling Awake, Memorial, Woods
Overton, Margaret Hope for a Cool Pillow


Packer, George The Unwinding
Pao, Ellen Reset
Parker, Matt Thing to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension
Paul, Pamela My Life With Bob
Patchett, Ann This is the Story of a Happy Marriage
Paterniti, Michael The Telling Room, Love & Other Ways of Dying
Peer, Basharat A Question of Order
Penny, Laurie Bitch Doctrine
Perel, Esther The State of Affairs
Perry, Grayson The Descent of Man
Petrushevskaya, Ludmilla Girl From The Metropol Hotel
Philbrick, Nathaniel The Last Stand, Bunker Hill, The First Thanksgiving
Pinsky, Robert The Inferno of Dante
Plant, Julia Coyote Lost at Sea
Polonsky, David & Ari Folman Waltz With Bashir
Pope Francis Happiness in This Life
Powell, Nate & Andrew Aydin, John Lewis March (Books 1,2&3)
Powers, Kevin Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting
Powers, Richard Orfeo
Preston, John The Dig, A Very English Scandal


Quinones, Sam Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic
Qvortrup, Matt Angela Merkel


Rachman, Gideon Easternization
Rankine, Claudia Citizen: An American Lyric
Reed, Caleb The Life and Adventures of a Haunted Convict
Reeves, Richard V. The Dream Hoarders
Remnick, David The Bridge
Rhimes, Shonda A Year of Yes
Ricks, Thomas The Gamble
Riffenburgh, Beau Pinkerton's Great Detective
Robinson, Barbara Paul Rosemary Verey
Robinson, Phoebe You Can't Touch My Hair
Romero, Terry Hope Vegan Eats World, Viva Vegan!
Rowling, J.K. Very Good Lives
Ruhlman, Michael Ratio


Sacco, Joe & Chris Hedges Days of Destruction Days of Revolt
Sachs, Jeffrey Building the New American Economy
Salisbury, Laney Provenance
Sammons, Mark J. & Valerie Cunningham Black Portsmouth
Sandel, Michael J. Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?, What Money Can't Buy
Sapolsky, Robert M. Behave
Sappho If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho
Sasaki, Fumio Goodbye Things
Sasson, Jean American Chick in Saudi Arabia
Saunders, George Congratulations, By The Way
Satrapi, Marjane Chicken with Plums
Sattouf, Riad The Arab of the Future, Arab of the Future 2
Scahill, Jeremy Blackwater
Schaeffer, Claire B. Couture Sewing
Schalansky, Judith Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands
Schultz, Kathryn Being Wrong
Schenck, Rob Costly Grace
Schweitzer, Peter Reagan's War
Scowcroft, Brent & Zbigniew Brzezinski America and the World
Sedaris, David Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls
Seierstad, Åsne One of Us
Senelick, Laurence The Complete Plays of Anton Chekhov
Shambaugh, David China's Future
Shavit, Ari My Promised Land
Shenk, Joshua Wolf Powers of Two
Slinkachu Little People in the City
Sides, Hampton In the Kingdom of Ice
Skloot, Rebecca The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Slahi, Mohamedou Ould Guantanamo Diary
Smith, Patti Just Kids
Smith, Zadie Feel Free: Essays
Snyder, Timothy On Tyranny
Soufan, Ali The Black Flags
Smith, Tiffany Watt The Book of Human Emotions
Spence, Graham The Elephant Whisperer, The Apocalypse Chase
Stack, Megan Every Man in This Village is a Liar
Staff of the NYT Open Secrets
Stein, Jason & Patrick Marley More Than They Bargained For
Steinberg, Jonny A Man of Good Hope
Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth Everybody Lies
Stern, Jessica & J.M. Berger ISIS: The State of Terror
Stevenson, Bryan Just Mercy
Stewart, Rory Prince of the Marshes, The Places In Between
Stone, Ruth In The Next Galaxy
Sujo, Aly Provenance
Sullivan, Shannon Good White People
Sultan, Wafa A God Who Hates
Sykes, Charles J. How the Right Lost Its Mind


Taibbi, Matt Insane Clown President, I Can't Breathe
Tenenbom, Tuvia Catch The Jew!, The Lies They Tell
Thompson, Craig Blankets
Thubron, Colin To a Mountain in Tibet
Tobar, Héctor Deep Down Dark
Tribe, Laurence H., & Joshua Matz To End a Presidency
Turner, Brian My Life as a Foreign Country


Union, Gabrielle We're Going To Need More Wine


Vance, Cyrus Hard Choices
Vance, J.D. Hillbilly Elegy
Vizinczey, Stephen Truth & Lies in Literature
Vuong, Ocean Night Sky with Exit Wounds


Waldman, Ayelet & Michael Chabon Kingdon of Olive & Ash
Walker, Alice The Cushion in the Road
Walker, Scott Unintimidated
Wallace, David Foster This is Water
Ward, Jesmyn Men We Reaped, The Fire This Time
Warner, Brad Don't Be A Jerk
Warrick, Joby Black Flags
Waters, Alice Chez Panisse Vegetables
Weiner, Eric The Geography of Bliss
Weiner, Tim Legacy of Ashes
Westoll, Andrew The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary
Westover, Tara Educated
Wilkerson, Isabel The Warmth of Other Suns
Williams, Wendy Kraken
Wood, Michael The Practice of Contemplative Photography
Wright, Charles Caribou: Poems
Wright, Lawrence Going Clear, Thirteen Days in September, God Save Texas
Wright, Robin Dreams and Shadows


Yarvin, Brian the too many tomatoes cookbook
Yousef, Mossad Hassan Son of Hamas


Zhao Ziyang Prisoner of the State

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