Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Titles from G+D Vintage - The Funny Bunny Factory and more

Penguin Young Readers has selected several storybooks from their G+D Vintage archives for reprint in time for Easter this spring, in advance of further titles coming along in early summer. Long out of print, these books are selected for their retro-chic appeal and classic illustrations.

This particular story features a little bunny who should be dazzled by the long lists of fun hats and delightful candies he discovers in the abandoned factory where he makes his home. It is only when he comes upon the field of carrots lying outside the factory doors that he finds true excitement. I love it when children turn up their noses at candies and go for the fruit—or vegetables--so this one is high on my list for big punch lines.

One senses the societal change in the fifty or sixty years since the book’s original publication when the list of jobs attached to the hats the bunnies find seem as distant as Shakespeare.

My family has long experience with rabbits, both the domestic variety and with the ones that nibble tender greens in my city garden. There is still something about bunnies that remind us of spring, so bring a little of the past into the present and share with your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids the truth about bunnies.

On sale Jan 26, 2016, ISBN: 978944844495, 32 pages, Ages 3-5, $9.99, G+D Vintage

More titles this Spring:
Bunny Hopwell's First Spring by Jean Fritz, Illustrated by Rachel Dixon;
The Noisy Clock by Jean Horton Berg, Illustrated by Art Seiden;
My ABC Book by Art Seiden;
The Too Little Fire Engine by Jane Flory.
Upcoming in June 2016:
The Animal's Vacation by Shel Haber;
The Bingity-Bangity School Bus by Fleur Conkling;
Mr. Wishing Went Fishing by Irma Wilde, Illustrated by George Wilde.

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