Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little People in the City by Slinkachu

Little People in the City

This is a book of photographs of the street installations Slinkachu. I can't decide which set-piece I like the best, but fortunately there are lots to choose from. I think the cover art "They're not pets, Susan" might be best since it first drew me in. Though I could be convinced to vote for "Local amenities for children".

So, who is Slinkachu? Presumably Will Self, the London novelist, knows since he wrote the introduction to Little People.... Slinkachu is reputed to live in London, but his beat is all of Europe. The more relevant question may be where did he get that name? In any case, he makes city living interesting again, and forces us to see the world anew. See more of Slinkachu at http://www.slinkachu.com.

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  1. We publish the artwork for Slinkachu and welcome you to view his work in the gallery anytime. His work, including new releases "Glory" and "Spilt Milk", can be viewed at www.andipa.com. Enjoy.